Riley still BCA president

Bridgetown, Barbados, August 14 – ( – Conde Riley is still president of the Barbados Cricket Association (BCA).

The 70-year-old Riley, a retired investment banker, gained 75 votes in overcoming vice-president Calvin Hope, who earned 72 and secretary, Senator Gregory Nicholls (37), at the 21st Annual Special Meeting at Kensington Oval tonight.

There were two spoilt votes.

Riley has been president since 2017. He was nominated by Cameron Smith and seconded by Leonard Nurse.

Hope was nominated by Sir Charles Griffith and seconded by Lionel Weekes and Nicholls was nominated by Dominic Hill and seconded by Maurice Gaskin.

“My track record speaks for itself… and I believe that the members would have realised that I am not just a president, but I was working in the interest of Barbados’ cricket,” Riley said.

“The process was a democratic process where my secretary and my vice-president decided that they would throw their hat in the ring, but I believe that my track record pulled me through.”

Riley first served on the BCA Board of Management in 1996.

Nicholls was unopposed as secretary.

In the battle for three places as directors among five candidates, those successful were Henderson Wallace (127), Winston Stafford (97) and Kamal Springer (91).

Patricia Greenidge got 85 and Andrew Lythcott 75, with one spoilt vote.

The 82-year-old Stafford has been a director since 2007, while Wallace was first elected in 2021.

Springer previously served as a director.

The full Board of Directors: Conde Riley (president), Calvin Hope (vice-president), Gregory Nicholls (secretary), Jason King (treasurer), Clement Anthony Depeiza (director), Pedro Greaves (director), Kamal Springer (director), Winston Stafford (director), Henderson Wallace (director).