Keith Boyce Memorial Tournament starts February 12

Bridgetown, Barbados, February 11 – ( – The annual Keith Boyce Memorial 35-over Tournament starts on Sunday, February 12 with three matches in the Donovan Lopez zone.

Matches are: Maple v Pizza Amor Maxwell at Trents; Whiskey Bar & Grill Claire Smith X1 v Coleridge & Parry at Sion Hill; Legend Killers v A&A Auto Parts Co. Ltd Eastern at Waterford. Bye: Shannon.

There are two other zones – Dave Cumberbatch and Corey Collymore.

Schedule for February 19:

Dave Cumberbatch Zone – Keith Boyce X1 v Ramppart X1 at Diamond Corner; K&R Variety Green Team v Central at Boscobelle; Standard v Rising Stars at Orange Hill.

Donovan Lopez Zone – Coleridge & Parry v Legend Killers at Ashton Hall; A&A Auto Parts Co. Ltd Eastern v Whiskey Bar & Grill Claire Smith X1 at Trents; Pizza Amor Maxwell v Shannon at Sion Hill. Bye: Maple.

Corey Collymore Zone – Lords v Diamondshire at St. Clements; North Stars v Gunners at Crab Hill; Pinacups Errol Holder X1 v Queen’s College at Eden Lodge.