November 25, 2022



Following careful consideration of the details of a protest lodged by North Stars Cultural and social club, the Board of Directors of the BCA has decided to cancel the remainder of the 2022 Division Two competition. The protest lodged by North Stars to the BCA was recently heard by the Complaints and Disputes Committee and it was determined that the current BCA Regulations did not completely address any team’s advancement to semi-final stage in the BCA Division Two Competition. 

It was agreed that no clear pathway was outlined in the regulations for Clubs to advance to the Semi-final stage where there was no outright winner of the game. This opinion was highlighted through their challenge of the result of their BCA Division Two Quarter-Final Match Wanderers vs North Stars, a game which ended in a TIE.  As a result, a recommendation to the Board of Directors was accepted and it was determined in the best interest of fairness to each of the Quarter-final teams, that the Play-Off section be cancelled.

The BCA regrets the understandable disappointment that this has caused to the Clubs involved and endeavours to review its regulations for the future. It has been determined that the competition is therefore cancelled and each of the eight (8) clubs who earned Quarter-Final spots will be awarded 1/8 of the total prize money allocated.

Full release can be found HERE