Addendum 2022 #02

Date: May 20th, 2022

To Play-off Clubs and Schools of the BCA Shield Twenty-20 Over Competitions 

Re: BCA Twenty-20 Over Competitions Playing Conditions.

The following words have been added to the Introduction paragraph of the BCA Twenty-20 Over Competitions Playing Conditions at the end of clause (h): –

“…or has not played in a higher Division during the season.”

Thus, the whole clause shall read: –   

h) In order to play in the play-off phase of the Shield or Plate Competition, a Player must have played in four (4) or more of the preliminary round matches in the said Division or Competition, for that same team, or has not played in a higher Division during the season.

In addition to the above, a new condition, clause (M) has been added in the light of the current Covid-19 situation to ensure that the BCA’s mandate to facilitate playing integrity on the field of
play: –

m) Any player that could not play a match as a direct result of COVID-19 will be able to count such as games played for eligibility into the play-offs.

These players must be able to prove the following: –

i) they can provide a certificate proving that they received a positive result or were awaiting such and subsequently received a negative test result close to any series
of this Competition; or
ii) that their Club notified the BCA that they were not available for any match/matches of this Competition due to close contact; or
iii) were scheduled to play a club that so informed the BCA as in (m.) ii) above.